Dropping Off and Picking Up

Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Camper

(This page presents a general idea of how WCYC handles the dropping off, and picking up of our campers. However, there are four separate camp sessions, each administered by a different Session Director. Therefore, there may be slight variations between sessions. All registered campers should receive an email from their camp Session Director at least one week before the camp session starts. Consult this email for specifics. Please, contact your Session Director for further questions.)

General overview

Check-in for each WCYC youth camp session begins at 4pm on the first Sunday of the session. Please, do not arrive before 3:30pm, without explicit permission from the Session Director. Please, do not leave your camper unattended until they have been successfully checked-in.

If you anticipate arriving after 5:30pm, please, contact your session director to make special arrangements.

Click here to confirm the name of your Session Director, and first Sunday for your camp session.

When you arrive

The first building you will see on the WCYC campground will be the Great Hall. It’s a log cabin that actually faces Fall Hall Road. (Google map) Please, park in the large parking lot (a cleared field) just north of the Great Hall (property map).

Escort your camper into the Great Hall for check-in. (You can leave all the camping gear in the car for now.) During check-in, we will take care of some important business, including these items:

  • Check your camper in (see notes below)
  • Confirm family contact information
  • Confirm receipt of required health & release form (see notes below)
  • Confirm camp fee balance, and complete payment of any outstanding amount
  • Assign your camper to a cabin
  • Check in with the nurse
  • Receive contributions to the camper’s “canteen” (see definition below)
  • Receive instructions from camp staff about how the rest of check-in Sunday will unfold, including when your camper should be at the first event
  • Get session-specific information on the timing and process for pick-up

Note: The check-in process goes much quicker, and more smoothly, if you have completed the camper registration online. Please, make every effort to do this prior to arrival. (Click here to register online.) For questions, contact [email protected] However, if you need to register your camper during the drop-off at check-in Sunday, the camper must be accompanied by their parent, or legal guardian.

Note: If someone other than you will be picking up your camper(s) at the end of the camp session, please, notify the staff at this time.

Note: Upon check-in, campers are required to turn over all medications — prescription & over-the-counter — to the camp nurse.

Note: Upon check-in, campers are required to hand in all cash. (The only thing to purchase on-grounds is in Canteen. And, we handle that money electronically.) If your camper does not wish to turn over the cash, please, leave it at home.

Note: Any prescription medications are logged and handed over to the nurse. All other relevant medical concerns should be discussed during check-in.

Note: Canteen is a small on-site store, stocked with reasonably-priced candy, treats and chilled canned beverages. Youth have access to canteen for about an hour each day, in the middle of the afternoon. $25 is a common amount for two weeks of camp.

What Is Required for Registration?

Before your camper can be successfully checked in, we must have a completed WCYC Health & Release Form on record. Please, complete this form prior to arrival. If you registered your camper online, this form should have been completed at that time.

After Check-In

After your camper has been checked in, you can return to your vehicle, and drive your camper to their assigned cabin. (Consult the eager volunteer staff for directions.) Drive slow and safe: there will be lots of excited campers running around.


Please, check with your Session Director for details regarding pick-up. Many questions can be answered during the check-in (explained above).

Please, please, please… honor the pick-up deadline set for your session. Every year, some camper is left for multiple hours after the deadline. We hate to sound so rigid. But, state law (and common courtesy) requires two adults to remain on camp grounds until every camper has been picked up. And, at the end of the session… our all-volunteer staff are ready to go home, too.

The scene on pick-up Saturday is always a little chaotic. Campers are packing up, cleaning their cabins, saying good-byes… and finding all manner of reasons to delay the end of their awesome WCYC camp session. The staff are usually torn in a hundred directions, answering questions, and saying good-bye to the campers. And, parents are driving around, trying to coordinate with their campers. Please, be patient with each other, embrace the process, and drive safely.

Mid-Session Drop-Off or Pick-Up

If you will be dropping-off or picking-up your camper outside of the above-referenced dates and times, please, communicate directly with your Session Director. If possible, please, make your intentions known before the check-in.

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