What to bring to camp

What should I bring to camp?

To make the most of your camping experience at WCYC, it is best to be prepared.

This page provides detailed information on four general topics of interest, regarding what to bring to camp.

  • Appropriate Attire And Swimwear
  • What to Bring
  • What Not to Bring
  • Suggestions and Advice

Please, review this page carefully. We also recommend reading WCYC Camp Rules & Policies. If you have any questions, please, contact your camp Session Director, or [email protected]

Appropriate Attire and Swimwear

WCYC believes strongly in the need for all people to exercise modesty — men & women, boys & girls. However, we realize that “modest” is a subjective term. With that in mind, we provide here guidelines regarding WCYC’s dress code. Please, consider carefully the clothes you bring to camp. Any ambiguous situation regarding questionable attire will be ultimately resolved by the Session Director.

  • Clothing
    • Clothes must be modest and appropriate. These requirements and recommendations apply to boys and girls.
    • Shorts must be approximately knee-length.
    • Shirts must have sleeves.
    • Shirts with questionable messages, or endorsing questionable products, may be addressed by the Session Director on a case-by-case basis.
    • Campers should bring sufficient clean clothes for the entire duration of their camp sessions, 7 or 14 days. Laundry services are not available. (See below for convenient suggestions.)
    • If in doubt about any particular article of clothing, we ask that it be left at home.
  • Swim wear
    • During combined-swim times, all campers and staff must wear dark t-shirts and shorts over their swim wear. It is the camp Session Director’s discretion how often the swim times are separated (boy and girl) or combined. (For the Senior and Intermediate camp sessions, swim times are usually combined. For the Middle and Junior camp sessions, swim times are usually separated.)
    • While walking around camp in a swim suit, (i.e. before or after appointed swim times), all campers and staff must be covered. A dark t-shirt and shorts, or a robe, or a pool-wrap will suffice. (A towel is not sufficient.)
    • Swimming occurs in Robinson Creek, the bed of which can be rocky and slippery. Appropriate footwear is required. Flip-flops are not permitted in the creek, as they offer little protection, and are easily washed away with the current. Footwear should be sturdy, firmly affixed to the feet, with soles and reasonable protection around the toes and heels. Old tennis shoes work well, as do modern footwear designed for water sports/activities.
    • Please note: Creek water can be rough on all clothing. Some stains on clothing will simply never come out. It is not uncommon for campers to simply discard their creek clothes at the end of the camp sessions.

What to Bring

Click here for a complete printable list of things you should consider bringing to camp.

Some items that merit special attention:

  • Every camper must provide a completed and signed WCYC Health & Release Form!
  • Sleeping bag or blanket & sheets (All campers sleep in a twin-sized bunk, with a durable, plastic-lined mattress.)
  • Note: Occasionally, nights can be chilly at WCYC. Campers should pack with that in mind. Think, “layers”.
  • Bible (Campers will have daily Bible studies. If you need a Bible, contact [email protected], and we will provide one.)
  • Bug repellant (You can never have too much!) (Note: WCYC recommends repellents with no more than 30% DEET.)
  • Personal sports items: baseball gloves, frisbees, hacky-sacks, etc. (Some free time is available everyday.)
  • Reading materials, letter-writing materials, or other quiet activity (State law requires all campers experience 60 minutes of rest-time every day. Campers must remain in their cabins during this time.)
  • Flip-flops are discouraged. They aren’t permitted in the creek, and they don’t offer very much protection from the rugged terrain.

What NOT to Bring

Please, refer to WCYC Camp Rules & Policies for a list of what is not permitted on the Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp grounds.

Suggestions & Advice

  • Suit cases can get extremely dirty from all the floor grit and sand. Some campers pack their gear in large hard-shell plastic bins (two maximum, please). Bins can sometimes fit under the bunks.
  • One suggestion that works well, especially for younger kids, is to pre-package individual daily outfits in individual bags. It helps keep the clean separated from the dirty. And, it’s wonderfully convenient to just grab a bag with a fresh supply of clothes.
  • When packing clothes, be sure to include a couple outfits that may be entirely trashed. Some of the games can be pretty intense, involving so much mud and wear-n-tear, (drywall plaster, really?) that the clothes pretty much need to be tossed.
  • Campers should reconsider bringing cheap flip-flops. They are not allowed in the creek, because they are easily swept down-stream in the rushing currents. Furthermore, flip-flops offer no protection from brush and brambles. And, the WCYC campground is very uneven; flip-flops invite twists and sprains.
  • Please, mark or label all property that is brought onto the camp grounds. That includes clothing, bedding, towels, books, flashlights, etc. (It helps staff reunite lost items with their owners.)
  • Campers may appreciate pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes to send to family during the camp session.
  • Pocketknives are discouraged. If they are brought, they are to be given to the cabin counselor at the beginning of the session. Counselors have ultimate authority over their use.

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