Bike-a-thon 2019!

Saturday, September 14, 9am, Sparta, WI

Dust off your Schwinn, oil that chain, and pump up those tires!

And, let's go raise some money for WCYC!

On Saturday, September 14, we are reviving the annual WCYC Bike-a-thon! We meet in Sparta, WI. We have mapped out a 35 mile round-trip path. We expect it may take about five hours to complete the circuit. Lunch will be provided after the event -- donated by an awesome friend of WCYC.

Give a little, get a little

If you raise $100, WCYC will purchase your one-day pass for the bike trail.

If you raise $200, WCYC will credit your canteen account $10 for next summer.

If you raise the most pledge-money, you will win a new bike! (Shown here.) (Donated by another awesome friend of WCYC.)


Contact Jim Coehoorn with questions:

email: [email protected]
phone: 262-215-5462
USPS: 115 N. Broad St., Elkhorn, WI, 53121


So, you're interested in this year's WCYC Bike-a-thon. That's great! Glad to have you! We look forward to some fun pedaling time on one of Wisconsin's most picturesque bike trails.

Bike-a-thon's are a great way to have fun, develop community and memories, and raise money for a cause we all love.

To get started

Print out these two forms.

  • Registration form - Fill out this form, and send it to Jim Coehoorn (contact information above). Please, complete it ASAP. Time is running out. And, we want to make sure we capture as much information as we can, so we can follow up with you as necessary.
  • Pledge tracking sheet - Use this form to track your pledges. Be sure to record the names and contact information for anyone who pledges money. When people donate, they can either donate a flat amount, or a "per mile" amount. A one-dollar-per-mile pledge would be very reasonable.

Timeline on Saturday, September 14

Since this event starts early Saturday, you may wish to drive to the area on Friday night and stay at camp for free. See below ("Other items") for more information.

9:00a  -  Arrive at 9871 Image Ave, Sparta, WI
9:30a  -  Proceed to the trailhead, to begin. (One-day trail passes can be purchased at the start point: $5)
2:00p  -  Return to residence for lunch, celebration and awarding of the Grand Prize… a NEW BIKE!

About the money

Once the bike-a-thon is complete, you will be able to return home, and start collecting on your pledges. If people pledged on a "per mile" basis, you can report the number of miles you recorded. Checks can be made out to "WCYC". Please, do not send cash. All checks can be sent to Jim Coehoorn (at his address, shown above).

Other items

  • For bicyclists younger than 18, helmets will be required.
  • Don't forget water, and some sun screen... and a way to carry it all.
  • As the weekend approaches, check the website and our Facebook page for any weather-related updates. The rain date is the following weekend, September 21.
  • Funds raised during this bike-a-thon may be used for any number of projects that are desperately needed: rebuilding the Pines cabin, replacing canteen, or just put into the general fund.
  • Optional: If you want to drive to the area on Friday night, you can spend the night in one of our cabins on the WCYC campgrounds. No meals will be served, but lodging is free. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Please, contact Jim C with information about who and how many, and when you will be arriving.

Win this bike!