What We Believe

What We Believe, and What We Teach

Summer youth camp is an American tradition. Youth all around the United States attend some kind of camp each summer. So, what makes Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp different?

The most outstanding (and important) quality is the camp’s spiritual commitment. It is the whole reason Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp (WCYC) exists in the first place.

The leaders of each camp session are long-time, dedicated Christians, and have been asked to serve by WCYC Board of Directors. Then, the numerous volunteer staff for each camp session are there by choice, and have been screened and selected by the session leader on the basis of their personal commitment to following Jesus.

That spiritual focus directly impacts the campers at WCYC, as well. We hold Bible classes, singing sessions, and devotionals each day. We also communicate the Gospel message through demonstration. The staff members know that the best way to teach about God’s love is by example. We are people who seek to humbly, yet confidently, live what we teach.  In the midst of all of the fun, our counselors work hard at demonstrating Jesus to campers, whether that is encouraging campers while relaxing with them on the swing or leading a group on a swimming expedition.

Our goal is to give them an experience of God’s care for them that is exciting and memorable.

What we teach in our Bible classes varies, based on the age group of the sessions (campers range from 9 to 18 years old). But it always revolves around the life of Jesus and the message of God’s love for all people that is found throughout the Bible.

We believe and teach that God sent his son, Jesus, to live a life of compassion and care, which led to his death and resurrection. Through the death of Jesus, God offers forgiveness and renewal.

We believe that followers of Jesus should seek to live like him, but we also understand that faith is often a difficult journey and we need God’s grace to walk it.

Every summer we see campers take great strides in faith and learning about Jesus. For some, camp is their introduction to Jesus; for others, camp is a reinforcement of what they have learned at home all their lives.

All are welcome!

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