Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp is dedicated to providing awesome summer camp, fulfilling congregational retreats, and a wonderful spiritual experience at a site blessed with abundant natural beauty that only our God could provide! 
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English Quest 2014 has been canceled
Quest, English,  Aug 30-Sept 1, Labor Day weekend has been canceled due to very low enrollment.   We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to: Ed Gund who agreed to be the adult speaker; Hannah Gund and Jerome Taylor who planned to work with the children; Adrienne Betts signed on as head cook; Margie Roerkohl & Lynne Frost prepared to work in the kitchen.
And a special thanks to the few families that registered early and graciously accepted the sad news.

Apparently the Labor Day weekend is a busy transition time in peoples lives, especially for families.  College students are already off to their schools, and K through 12 students start the new school year the next day.

Jim Frost, director
A huge Thank You !
To the many volunteers who gave of their time, talent & donations to make summercamp 2014 at Fallhall Glen a life changing experience for hundreds of young people.