Help! Help! Help!

WCYC is in need of helpers for all kitchen positions for Family Camp, August 3 thru 7.

That means, we need a baker, an entree cook, a salad maker, a dishwasher, and a dining room prep person. Those are very important roles, and this is a great opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ, and help them to enjoy WCYC in all its natural camping glory.

If you have a heart for service, and are able to join our fun spirited team, please, contact Adrienne Betts directly, or send an email to [email protected].

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All 2019 camp sessions
are open for registration!

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Youth Camp Sessions

  • Middle Camp, starts June 16
  • Intermediate Camp, starts June 30
  • Senior Camp, starts July 14
  • Junior Camp, starts July 28

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For campers of all ages!

  • Family Camp, starts Aug 3
  • Busqueda, starts Aug 7
  • Preachers Retreat, starts Sept 23

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I want to support WCYC! How can I help?

Automatic bank withdrawal

Easy to set up,
and painless

Sponsor a camper!

Help a young camper pay for registration.

"Honor Walk"
memorial brick

A lovely way to
honor a dear
Friend of WCYC

Volunteer to serve on staff at one of our camp sessions.