Staff Position Descriptions

WCYC Summer Youth Camp – Adult Staff Position Descriptions

Below are the broad descriptions of the volunteer staff positions that need good, loving, Christ-centered people like you. To submit a volunteer staff application, click here:

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Nurse – Bumps, bruises, lacerations, maintaining and supervising the distribution of medication, ticks, upset stomachs and home-sickness… it’s all in a day’s work at WCYC. If you are a registered nurse, and you have a heart for kids at Summer Camp, we can put you to very good use here at WCYC.

Lifeguard – WCYC is blessed with a fantastic natural waterway, Robinson Creek. Swim time is one of the few constants throughout the time at camp. The kids love it! But, water-fun is severely restricted if we do not have a lifeguard on-duty. If your Red Cross lifeguard credentials are current, we’ll put you up for free, and feed you three squares a day.

Counselor (female or male) – The WCYC “counselor” is, arguably, the most impactful member of our summer camp staff. You sleep in the cabins with the youth. You escort them to their daily events. You hang with them at lunch. And, you return with them to the cabin at the end of the day, possibly holding bed-time devotionals in the cabins. This prolonged exposure puts you in a great position to influence their moods, moderate their energies, and help them navigate the many challenges that summer camp can offer. You’re in on their jokes. You show them how to be an adult Christian. You get to lead the night-time devotionals, which, for some young people, is the most intense experience they will have in their individual spiritual walk, in- or outside of camp.

Head cook – Without food, there is no camp. Although we are in the boonies, and although kids are not typically that demanding when it comes to food, WCYC still prides itself in providing good, healthy, tasty, varied meals to our young campers. If you have a head for planning, and hands for service, and experience in large-group food preparation, we could use your skills.

Kitchen: dishwasher – Just like it sounds… every meal results in dirty pots and pans. Washing and scouring is an integral part of the cooking and kitchen-maintenance experience.

Kitchen: salad bar – proper handling of salad elements, condiments and all those little things that make the meal complete.

Kitchen: drinks – Man, do these campers drink! And, the hotter, the more important it is keeping them hydrated, and in easy-reach of water coolers and other drinks during the day.

Kitchen: dining room prep – straightening, putting clutter away, wiping tables & bench seats, sweeping… it all goes towards making the dining hall a bit of an escape from the grime of outdoors.

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General Comments

All summer camp staff are expected to remain on the camp grounds throughout the appointed one- or two-week session. We have numerous cabins, each equipped with cots or bunk beds. The bathhouse has plenty of hot water for showers. And, your work load should allow for sufficient time to relax, and replenish your own energies. Participation in camp devotional times is optional, but encouraged. If you have special needs, please, mention that in your application.

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