Getting Started

Getting started

The links to the right will provide you with lots of good information about who we are, and how we operate, and what your child can expect at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp.

At some point, you will (hopefully) be ready to take the leap... and enroll your camper in a camp session (or two). So, let's explore how that can happen.

Pick a session and which week(s)

Check our Camps page for detailed information about our sessions, the dates, the corresponding age ranges, and the costs. Select which session is appropriate for your camper. Then, proceed to the online Registration page. (Look for the large orange "Registration" button. We activate registration every year by the end of February.)

If this is your first time, the registration system will ask you to create an account, then provide the requested information. Be prepared: you will need to provide medical and health insurance information. (This is required by the state, and it will all be kept confidential.)

When it comes time for payment, you can pay by credit card. Or, if you want to save WCYC a little money, you may opt for paying by check, which you can deliver during check-in (see below).


Whether they're coming for one or two weeks of camp, a camper's chances for a good time begin with some thoughtful planning. What to bring? What's the weather like? Do I need to bring a pillow? Those questions, and more, are critical to helping their time at WCYC be pleasant.

See What should I bring to camp? for great information about what to bring... and, what not to bring. Also, please, review the material on Appropriate Attire and Swimwear. As a Christian organization, we want our camp sessions to be focused on Christ. We want to be neither careless nor strident in how we discuss and implement a dress code. If you have any questions, contact your session director. (See below.)

Pre-Session Communication

No later than two weeks before the session starts, all campers should receive an email from the session director. The director is the ultimate authority at camp during the sessions. This email should contain an introduction, basic contact information, a general overview of camp and what the director expects, and some information about how and when to drop-off and pick-up your camper.

If you have any concerns or questions, you should feel perfectly free to contact your session director.

Arrival on the Camp Grounds

Every camp session starts on a Sunday. Check-in typically occurs in the late-afternoon. This gives staff an opportunity to get settled in and finalize preparation of the grounds and facilities. (Please, refer to the above-mentioned email from your director for details for your session.)

During check-in, several things will occur -- meet head staff, talk with the nurse, get a cabin assignment, and possibly bump into other campers. For more details, refer to Dropping Off and Picking Up.

The Next Step Is Yours...

By now, we hope you have a good idea of who we are, and what we offer. If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact us at [email protected], or leave a comment with the form below. We look forward to getting to know you, and building a relationship that blesses your camper and your family, and brings us all closer to our God and Savior.

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