WCYC Annual Meeting 2015

When: Saturday, October 17, 2015, starting at 10:00 am
Where: Oakhaven Church, 2175 Witzel Ave, Oshkosh, WI, 54904, ph (920) 235-6235
Who: Everyone who loves WCYC! (See below for membership information.)

Come one, come all!

This year, the Oakhaven Church has graciously allowed us to gather at their facility for the WCYC Annual Meeting. And, they have generously arranged a fantastic fundraising experience for all to enjoy!

After the official annual meeting, you can

  • join us for a meal
  • schedule a family photo shoot
  • relax in the hands of a certified massage therapist
  • sample (and take home) some delicious candies
  • pick up some custom roasted coffees
  • and, just enjoy hanging out with some of the best people in Wisconsin!

All proceeds will go to the wonderful youth camp that has touched countless lives and brought numerous generations of children (of all ages) into a closer relationship with the One true God.

The Annual Meeting will include end-of-year committee reports, camp session reports, and the election of Board Members to fill six seats. (Four current members are seeking re-election. Two seats are at-large.)

This year, we will also hold a vote on a number of proposed updates to the By-Laws which have been submitted by the current Board of Directors. For the detailed language of these proposed updates, click here.

Review the Board of Directors’ proposed updates to the WCYC By-Laws (click here)

(Click here to view the current By-Laws, in their entirety.)

All are welcome to attend the meeting and the fundraising activities afterwards. However, only current members are permitted to participate in the election of Board members, and the votes pertaining to the proposed updates to the By-Laws. Interested individuals can purchase either a life-time membership, ($200) or an annual membership ($25). Either of these two membership options can be purchased at the Annual Meeting.

Come and enjoy the company of your WCYC family, and help make WCYC even better!


Map to Oakhaven Church