WCYC Current Board of Directors (2016 – 2017)


Rob Daniel (President)  –  [email protected]
Nate Cleveland (Vice-president) –  [email protected]
Guy Marshall (Treasurer)  –  [email protected]
Cliff Cunningham (Secretary) –  [email protected]


Jon Beske – [email protected]
Gary Byram – [email protected]
Deb Cleveland – [email protected]
Jim Coehoorn  –  [email protected]
Fernando Diaz  –  [email protected]
Zak Giemza – [email protected]
Kent Hinze – [email protected]
Guy Lowe  –  [email protected]
Mitch Orlovsky – [email protected]

Updated: 2017-03-12

WCYC articles of incorporation require a sitting of 13 board members. Members are elected to three-year staggered terms. Elections are conducted at the annual camp meeting (typically, the third Saturday in October).