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WCYC Youth Camp – Volunteer Staff Positions

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Every summer, WCYC employs over 200 selfless servant-volunteers to pull off our eight weeks of camp! Please, consider joining us in this effort.

Below is a synopsis of volunteer staff positions WCYC needs to fill for each camp session. If you are interested in serving in one (or more) of these ways, please, click here to volunteer!. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Please, note that all volunteers for these camp staff positions must undergo a background check.

Cabin Counselors

The WCYC “cabin counselor” — or, just “counselor” — is, arguably, the most impactful member of our summer camp staff. You sleep in the cabins with the youth. You escort them to their daily events. You hang with them at lunch. And, you return with them to the cabin at the end of the day. This prolonged exposure puts you in a great position to influence their moods, moderate their energies, soothe relationship drama, and help them navigate the many challenges that summer camp can present. You may choose to lead night-time devotionals in the cabins, which, for some young people, is the most intense experience they will have in their individual spiritual walk.

Associate Counselors

The two younger camp sessions (Middle and Junior) occasionally recruit what we call “associate counselors”. These are 15-year old (or older) campers who would like to help out during Junior or Middle Camp. There is a lot to this role; it’s not just a time to hang out. Much will be expected of you. But, it is a great way to serve WCYC, while blessing the younger campers, and learning a little bit about yourself.

Bible Teachers

WCYC is a Bible camp. In addition to daily devotional times as a whole group, we also provide for small-group Bible studies. These are more spiritually intimate opportunities, where the Bible Teacher has the attention (hopefully) of the campers, and, ultimately, can impart share scripture and some portion of their personal faith story, to inspire spiritual growth in the camper. This is not time to lecture; it is time to discuss, and ask questions that will get the camper thinking about deep(er) things in life.

Nature Class

One of WCYC’s attractions, is its setting in a pristine Wisconsin forest. We celebrate God’s creation. We see His glory in the plants, the stars, the rivers, the seasons, the animals around us — all of it! Helping our young people find their place in the midst of it all… that is also part of our goal in helping them mature as children of the Most High.

Crafts Coordinator

1 Thessalonians admonishes us to “lead a quiet life, to mind our own business, and to work with our hands.” Each session’s Craft Class is an opportunity to do that: make stuff, practice art, pick up a hobby, be productive. If you have a creative flair, and can bring kids along in your thinking, this could be the job for you.

Sports & Recreation Coordinator

Body, Mind and Soul… we humans are complex beings. At camp, WCYC holds Bible studies for the mind, and we have devotionals and discussions for the soul. We DEFINITELY need some “body” time: sports, contests, running, jumping, learning something new, playing and burning energy, learning good sportsmanship and teamwork. Everyday, our campers need to get on their feet and “do”! If you are high-energy, you have command of some physical activities, and can enthuse the campers, we need you!


The state of Wisconsin requires WCYC to have a registered nurse on the camp grounds at all times for a summer camp session to be held. Largely, the services required are pretty non-exciting: managing medications, removing ticks, dealing with bumps and bruises and sunburns, and treating stomach aches. But, with 50 young people running and playing and jumping, we do need trained, steady nurses. Please, if you are a nurse — or, you know of a nurse! — let us know, and we will gladly bring you up to speed about the whole process.


To enjoy tubing on the falls of Robinson Creek, we are required to provide a fully licensed, Red Cross-certified lifeguard. This is traditionally one of the hardest positions to fill. BUT… to the campers, on hot days, with the prospects of a refreshing tube ride down the falls… this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT positions to fill. If you are certified, and you would like to serve camp, THIS IS THE BEST WAY! Please, contact us ASAP.

Cooks and Kitchen Assistants

Every camp session has its own way of administering the kitchen. So, we won’t dwell on specific kitchen roles. Suffice it to say, the campers need food. The food has to be planned, ordered, organized, prepared, served, and cleaned up. All the while, during hot summer days, young campers need serious hydration — water and Kool-Aids and milks, and more water!

Then, when the day’s work is done, the kitchen itself needs to be cleaned.

All of these are mission-critical tasks, because the state health inspectors do make frequent visits, to ensure we are complying with standard safety measures.

These roles can be very demanding. But, as such, they are greatly rewarding. If you are interested, please, sign up.


(The following three items are new-ish. The three items here are not too demanding by themselves. So, we need to either bundle them together, or scatter them out across other staffing positions.)

Canteen Manager
“Canteen” is our on-campus snack shop. We sell some basic fun-food for an afternoon snack. But, the campers are purchasing out of their own “canteen” account. And, someone needs to track the money.

Each camp sessions needs a “Photographer”. We are trying to get photo albums on our website. It begins with someone taking the pictures, gleaning through them, picking out the best (total of 250 per two-week session), then storing them in a particular spot for easy upload.

Mail-Call Manager
Finally, “Mail Call” is the daily distribution of mail to our campers. For decades, “Mail Call” involved letters and packages received through the US Postal Service. We have modernized, and now have a Camp Computer to receive messages sent to “[email protected]”. The “Mail Call” manager would print out email messages, daily, right before lunch, to distribute to the kids.

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