WCYC Board of Directors – Working Committees

There are 13 members of the WCYC Board of Directors. With the exception of the sitting president, all Board members are assigned to one of the four working committees described here:

  • Finance and Fund Raising: manage and report on the budget and financial accounts; clarify and update policies to meet regulatory and financial practice standards; define operating procedures, transparency requirements, backup and contingency planning, access, “checks and balances”
  • Marketing/PR/Web/SW-Infrastructure (SAMPR): develop and drive execution of marketing and public visibility for WCYC, locally and for all extended friends of WCYC; scope and plan requirements an execution for integrated management of Web and SW capabilities to support marketing, fund raising, operational activities of WCYC; (review Google and other tools to support operations and Board Committees)
  • Operations: oversee and provide input on “daily” or routine operations and maintenance of WCYC, provide input and support to the Operations Manager and Registrar; define operating processes and expectations for camp during sessions and around key off-season activities; updating and maintaining the “Directors’ Handbook” and all supporting documentation and materials to support the Session Directors and the Session staff
  • Facilities: review and update physical facilities documentation, brief Board on status against long term plans, provide input to Operations Manager on long term and large scale facilities initiatives, identify targeted fund raising needs for strategic initiatives, manage and update facility and land use policies.