WCYC – Summer 2020 T-shirts

WCYC – Summer 2020 T-shirts

Get your very own limited-edition, WCYC COVID-summer commemorative t-shirt.

Never before worn! Beautiful gray cotton-poly blend! Perfect for the task of being a shirt, for all those times when you just need a shirt! Act now, while supplies last!

Being a weird year, we opted a correspondingly weird pricing plan. In short: Pay what you can.

Step 1: Place your order.

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Tell April how many of which sizes you want
    • Youth: S, M, L
    • Women’s: S, M, L, XL  *
    • Adult: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

* Warning: The women’s sizes are really small.

Step 2: Decide the price you are going to pay.

The shirts cost us $8 to produce. We suggest a minimum of $10 per shirt. However, you simply cannot pay too much for these nice shirts. WCYC, like every other entity in the world, is being impacted by this COVID pandemic. So, we leave it up to our loving community to help us keep on top of our expenses.

Step 3: Pay.

You have three options for paying for your t-shirt(s).

Option 1: Make a check out to “WCYC”, and mail to April Alexander. She will provide a mailing address when you email her with your order.

Option 2: If you’re feeling tech-savvy, you can now pay online, by making a donation to WCYC through our brand new online donation portal.

Option 3: Or, you can text “wcycstrong” to 44-321.

Step 4: Wait for your awesome t-shirt(s) to arrive!

We do our best to ensure orders are fulfilled within a couple days.