WCYC Hunting Policy

WCYC Hunting Rules and Guidelines

(Revised 2017-10-12)

For many years, WCYC has been a haven during the summer, and used as a ministry to young people. It is a safe place where people can come and remain in awe of our great Creator and God.

We want the hunting season to offer the same safe and awe-inspiring atmosphere. To ensure a safe hunting experience, the WCYC Board of Directors has implemented a new WCYC Hunting Policy. Please review this policy, as outlined below, and familiarize yourself with these new regulations.

We will also be reinforcing our Facilities Use policies that would affect anyone staying on camp property during the hunting season.

Effective for the Hunting Season 2017:

  • Hunters must pre-register with the WCYC Operations Manager at least two weeks prior to desired hunting dates.
    • Contact the WCYC Operations Manager via phone, 715-284-2979, or via email, [email protected].
    • Provide names of those in the hunting party.
    • Indicate which dates each hunter will be on the premises.
  • Upon arrival to the property, hunters must check in with the Operations Manager, at the main residential property on Fallhall Road. Any changes to information about the hunting party should be made at that time.
  • Parking is permitted only in designated areas.
  • Cost per hunter:
    • $600 for the season
    • $200 for a weekend
    • Payment is due no later than the first day of planned hunting.
  • The property is open for hunting from 6:00am to 6:00pm, during hunting season.
  • All hunters must possess a valid and current hunting license and be familiar with and follow the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations. Refer to the DNR website: dnr.wi.gov
  • No alcohol on WCYC property.
  • No littering.
  • No fires.
  • No food is allowed in the WCYC cabins.
  • Hunters should become familiar with property boundaries, and potentially hazardous terrain. Be aware: there is a creek on the property. It is expected that hunters stay within property boundaries. Refer to the WCYC property map (still in the works – CJC, 10/12/2017)
  • All hunting stands and other equipment must be removed from WCYC property within two weeks of the conclusion of the hunting season. Any abandoned equipment will become the property of WCYC.