WCYC Needs Volunteers – all the time!

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Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp is a volunteer-run organization. Every year, we need 300 volunteers to keep it all working smoothly. If you want to be part of that effort, review the opportunities below, and contact us at [email protected].

Summer Camp Staff

WCYC enlists the volunteer passions of 150 adults every summer throughout the four youth camp sessions. If you want to help make camp memories for our young campers, here’s your chance.

For a list of staff positions and descriptions, click here.

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Spring & Fall Work Days

Two days a year — one in the spring, one in the fall — we organize a work day Saturday for any and all people of all skill sets. If you are a licensed in one of the trades, we can probably find work for you. Or, if you can carry a board, hold a paint brush, or swing a broom, we’ll find a way to put you to work. For information about our upcoming Work Day, click here.

End-of-Session Clean-Up Brigade

Our four major youth camp sessions run back-to-back, with only a Saturday night between the departure of one camp, and the arrival of another camp. Those check-out Saturdays include a vigorous, thorough cleaning schedule for every building on the camp ground. Traditionally, that duty has fallen on the staff who are there for the second week of camp… the same staff who have been sleeping in the cabins for at LEAST the last week (maybe, for the past two weeks), who have been working hard managing the kids.

If you would like to indirectly bless the kids, this is a fantastic way to do it. Come to the camp grounds on those Saturday mornings at the end of the camp session, and spend the day cleaning up. The kitchen will need scouring. The bathhouse will need wiping down. The Lodge will need sweeping. The Great Hall may need mopping. We’ll help you with the details, and we’ll provide the cleaning supplies. All you need to do is provide a body.


WCYC has 15 sleeping cabins, and another seven major buildings. These buildings are in almost constant need of cleaning, dusting, wiping, sweeping, and de-cobwebbing. One of the best ways to ensure our facilities are in good, regular working order would be to have each building thoroughly cleaned every year. To that end, we have instituted our Adopt-a-Cabin program. You pick a cabin, and bring your friends. If you need, we can provide you with the cleaning supplies. One team of four worker-servants could probably top-to-bottom clean a building in four hours. That makes for a Saturday well-spent. Adopt your cabin today!

Fund-Raising & Awareness

To be sure, WCYC is always in need of some extra funds. If you have any ideas or enthusiasms for raising money, please, contact us. We have ideas; we just need bodies.

Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp prides itself on providing a rich, deeply impacting, spiritual experience for 200 youth every summer… at an amazingly affordable price.

However, we can only do that with a committed, passionate, godly team (army?) of volunteers — all year long. We invite you to be part of that effort. Whether applying band-aids, or helping campers get through home-sickness, or cooking meals, or leading devotional thoughts, or spreading gravel, or slinging a paintbrush, or re-roofing a cabin (or many more tasks) — the opportunities abound. And, we need you!

Please, review the volunteer categories below. If you have any questions, please, contact us at [email protected]

To be included in our contact list for volunteers, send an email and express your intent to [email protected]