Spring Work Day – 2015

WCYC 2015 – Spring Work Day¬†2015 — A Day in Review

What a fantastic day! (photo album here)

On Saturday, May 2, the WCYC camp grounds, at Fall Hall Glen, (just outside of Black River Falls, WI) was invaded by an army of 30 hard-working, hammer-swinging, chainsaw-weilding, hose-spraying, sweat-producing workers for the Lord.

We saw amazing progress on a few significant projects.

1. Removal of the stairs down to the creek!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Oh, how we all loved that staircase: the gateway to the swimming hole. For 15 years, the multi-level staircase offered wonderful sitting space, and landings for personal devotional time and small group gatherings. Unfortunately, as often happens at camp, Mother Nature has been brutal to the under-supports of the structure. Prudence dictated that we remove the existing structure and prepare for a newer, more secure arrangement; one that will last for years to come.

The plans are still pending for the replacement stairs. But, fear not! Campers will still be able to enjoy Robinson Creek this summer (presuming lifeguards are present) by entering up-river, by the bridge just above the upper falls.

If you are interested in helping WCYC rebuild that staircase, contact the Guy Marshall, the chair of our Finance Committee. Guy can be reached at [email protected]

2. Tearing up the vinyl flooring in the kitchen.

Back in the 1980’s, some stout volunteers installed the nice vinyl flooring in the kitchen and dish-washing area. For the past 30 years, it has served us well. But, the time had come to remove the tile. We spend a good many hours pulling up the old flooring, and preparing the kitchen floor to ultimately be painted and sealed. A special “thank you” to Guy Marshall for pulling double-duty, working Friday AND Saturday scraping up those amazingly stubborn old tiles.

3. Major cleaning of the Nature Center.

All buildings are victims of time — and dust — at Fall Hall Glen. It had been a good many years since the Nature Center had been stripped bare, emptied out, and truly cleaned. Thank you to JoAnn & LeRoy Latham for their efforts spear-heading the project. They and their team cleaned the gutters, and even cleaned out all those aquariums! (aquaria?) It looks wonderful.

4. The Lodge

Jim Coehoorn & John Seevers spent their time up in the Lodge, working on the chinking and performing general repairs and improvements to get the place ready to house a bunch of our summer volunteers.

5. The fire-extinguisher brigade.

And, let’s not forget the next generation of WCYC leaders. We also had help from some young helpers who ran throughout the campground, collecting all the fire extinguishers, so they could be checked and recharged. Thanks, Creed & River.

6. Clean & Prepare Mack Shack

Mack Shack is our nurses’ headquarters for our summer camp sessions. It is no small task to get that place cleaned up, sanitary, organized and ready to handle the various mishaps that are bound to occur. Many “thanks” to our nurse coordinator, Ann Thornock, and her three awesome helpers, Nicole, Emily & Brie. The place looks great!

If you were not able to be part of the fun this time, and you feel like you missed something… well, you did!

But, fear not! There are always more opportunities to serve. (You should never feel restricted to just the Spring or Fall Work Days.) For more information on how YOU can serve, please, contact [email protected]

Click here for a photo album of the WCYC Spring Work Day 2015!

For all of you wonderful workers, please, accept the thanks of the hundreds of campers (and their families) who continue to be blessed by the generosity of servants like you.

As a very minimal show of our appreciation, we list here, the most complete list of names we could compile of all those who attended WCYC’s Spring Work Day – 2015. (Please, if we missed anybody, or misspelled any names, please, let us know : [email protected])

Roger Dunnam
Jerry Johnson
Dustin Johnson
Ann & Ty Thornock, and Nicole, Emily & Brie
Laryssa Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
Levi Crawford
George Weaver
John Seevers
Guy & Tracy & son(?)
Aaron & Ania Barton
Mitch Orlofsky
LeRoy & JoAnn Latham
Rob Daniel, and Creed & River
Rob Daniel, Sr.
Josh Dodge
Guy Marshall
Jim Coehoorn
Jade & Danielle Crawford
Steve Frazier
Ryan Roling
Kent Hinze
Cliff Cunningham
Aaron Beetle

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