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2014 Camp Sessions:
Quest Espanol: A retreat for all ages  June 10~14
Fernando Diaz, director 1340 North Berwick, Waukegan, IL 60085  ministro_fer@hotmail.com  847-445-5870
Middle: Ages 11-13    June 15-28  
Kevin Van Buskirk, director  kvanbuskirk1953@gmail.com  608-452-3096
Intermediate: Ages 13-15    June 29 - July 12
Jim Coehoorn, director 115 North Broad Street, Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121, jimcoehoorn@yahoo.com 262-723-6292
Senior: Ages 15-18    July 13-26
Gavin LaFave, director  gavitron9@gmail.com  715-570-9017
Junior: Ages 9-11   July 27 - August 9 
Lance Hawley, director  3434 Hargrove Street, Madison, WI 53714   lancerhawley@gmail.com  608-241-2566
English Quest: A retreat for all ages    Labor Day Weekend, August 30 - September 1  Canceled    
Jim Frost, director 156 West Main, Fontana, Wisconsin 53125,       frostphoto@aol.com      312-420-0859
Tuition & Costs:
Middle Camp: 
Two weeks - $235 or $265 after May 16
        One week -   $165 or $195 after May 16
Intermediate Camp:
      Two weeks - $235 or $265 after May 30
      One week   - $165 or $195 after May 30
Senior Camp: 
     Two weeks - $255 or $285 after June 13
     One week -  $185 or $215 after June 13.
Junior Camp:
     Two weeks - $235 or $265 after June 27
     One week  - $165 or $195 after June 27
Quest: $80.00 person, $275 max per family, 5 and under free. This includes 11 meals.
A $25 deposit is required with application with no refund for cancellations made less than three weeks prior to the camp date, with a $15 refund if cancelled three weeks prior to date.  $10 per week additional is recommended for snacks at daily canteen times.    Please make checks payable to WCYC
Financial assistance is available for those who need it. Contact Carrie Harwell, Camp Registrar at Registrar@wcyc.org
How to register:
To register on-line,   Click on this button and follow prompts   
Or,  print out and mail in a Camper application form
For Quest please print out and mail in a Quest application form
Campers: Register on-line or fill out a camper application form (or Quest form) mail it, along with a $25 deposit, to:
Youth Camp sessions -WCYC Registrar, Carrie Harwell, registrar@wcyc.org
English Quest - Jim Frost, 156 West Main, Fontana WI 53125
Spanish Quest - Fernando Diaz, 322 Ridgeland Ave, Waukegan, IL 60085
You will need to fill out a camper health form also, but do not mail it in, you need to have that form with you when you report to camp.
You can print out forms from this web site (also print out "what to bring/camp policy"), or if you are having problems printing out, you can request a copy from the Registrar (registrar@wcyc.org) or most Wisconsin Church of Christ congregations.

Registration begins at 4:00 PM on Sunday. No arrivals prior to 12:00 noon.
All sessions end by 11:00 AM Saturday. No departures prior to 9:00 AM.
(except Quest, see their schedule)
Second week campers check-in Saturday or Sunday between 5:00 & 6:00 PM.
Exceptions must be cleared with the director of the camp session.
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