Overview of Camp Sessions

Overview of WCYC Summer Youth Camps

WCYC's summer camp sessions are a unique experience. For a new camper, especially a young camper, anything this out-of-the-ordinary may take some getting used to. Below we provide a rough outline of a typical camp session, and a typical day in the life of a camper at WCYC during any of our youth Bible camps. (Of course, details will vary session to session, and year to year. But, this is pretty typical.)

A general philosophy for camp

Our primary goals for our summer youth camps are:

  1. to bring campers closer to God and Jesus, and
  2. to have fun.

Of course, we hope our campers will also enjoy any of a hundred other blessings and memory-making experiences during their time here.

To best get us there, we offer a total of seven weeks of summer camp. These seven weeks are divided across four age groups:

  • Junior Camp - ages 9 thru 11
  • Middle Camp - ages 11 thru 13
  • Intermediate Camp - ages 13 thru 15
  • Senior Camp - ages 15 thru 18

Junior Camp is one week, usually in early August. The other three sessions, however, run for two week each. Individual campers can choose either or both weeks. As a rule, over 80% of campers choose to stay for both weeks. (Actual dates and session fees for upcoming summer sessions can be found here.)

If a camper is unsure, and the family has options, we recommend signing up for the first of the two weeks. That way, if there is a change of mind, the camper can decide later to attend the second week.

The structure of a day at camp

We offer structure to every camp day. Many days are structured the same. Every day has something for the brain, something for the heart, something for the body, and something for the soul. Of course, the details and activities for each session are adjusted to accommodate the age groups.

Each day begins with a quick, inspiring devotional before breakfast. Between breakfast and lunch, our campers will enjoy four separate "class" sessions, each running 45 minutes. One session is a Bible class. One session is some physical activity... a sport, a game, a hike, something just to get the kids moving. The remaining two sessions vary considerable according to age. There may be a nature class, or a craft class, or (for the older sessions) there are elective options that are different every summer: improv comedy, deep discussions about current events, a young men's or women's class, making walking sticks, cross-country running, poetry, photography, healthy living, board games, and many others.

After lunch, we have three standing elements:

  1. a rest period (for all ages, state mandated)
  2. free time (a couple hours to hang out, play games, talk, build friendships), and
  3. time in the creek (weather permitting). We have the beautiful, refreshing Robinson Creek running right down the middle of our 450 acres of campground. It is an iconic element of our camp. Over our 75 years of operation, thousands of campers have enjoyed the cooling, rejuvenating and cleansing power of Robinson Creek.

That brings us to dinner, in our state-certified kitchen, staffed by our hearty, crew of Christ-like servants. We pride ourselves on high quality and varied meals. After dinner, we have some kind of large-group, physical activity, which leads into an end-of-day devotional around a campfire. WCYC loves to sing. We love to pray. We spend this time winding down, calming our souls and our minds, preparing to retreat to our cabins.

An itinerary for an average day at camp

Below, we provide a sample schedule that would fit 80% of our summer sessions for the past several years.

Of course, the specifics will change from year to year. But, it might give your camper a better idea of what to expect during their time with us.

If you have any questions about any of this, please, reach out to us at [email protected] Again, we understand that "new" can be a bit overwhelming. We want to eliminate as much uncertainty as we can.

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