Junior Camp & Family Camp

What’s going on with Junior Camp & Family Camp?

If you are a long-time member of the WCYC family, you have noticed that Junior Camp is now a one-week session.

This is not a typographical error. This is an intentional plan for Summer 2018.

Junior Camp continues to be the awesome experience it has always been: singing, camping, playing, tubing the falls, hanging with friends, learning about our awesome God while surrounded by His awesome creation. It is geared for youth from 9 to 11 years of age. The all-volunteer staff work hard at delivering a camp that will serve as a solid Christ-centered foundation for years to come.

Family Camp (formerly known as Quest) is WCYC’s camping experience for campers of ALL ages. Families, singles, retirees, WCYC alumni, young, old… all are welcome to Family Camp. During this four-night session, everyone gets the full WCYC camping experience: singing, Bible study, sleeping in cabins, creekin’, games, and just hanging out with fellow believers.

The New Arrangement

With this new summer camp schedule, the one-week Junior Camp ends on the morning of Saturday, July 28. Family Camp starts in the afternoon of the same day.

This new arrangement enables us to tighten the bonds between these two sessions. Youth who attend Junior Camp, can extend their experience by inviting Mom and/or Dad to join them, and stay over for Family Camp. Parents can come up to pick up their youth that morning, and just stick around until Family Camp begins. What a great way for parents to connect with their campers, and relieve their memories right where they happened.

To register for either or both sessions, please, click the “Register Now” button, below.

We invite your feedback and reactions to this new schedule, at [email protected] We will also be soliciting feedback after these summer sessions are concluded, to see how they went, and if there is anything we can do to improve the experience.

Please, continue to pray for the continued success of WCYC, and the spiritual health of the youth and families we serve.

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