WCYC Membership

WCYC Membership

Membership in WCYC allows you to become a member with a voice (in the form of a vote) in the direction and oversight of the organization. Your membership fee is fully tax-deductible.

You have two options:

Life-Time Membership

One check, and you’re set for life! For $400 you can lock in on a life-long status as a voting member of WCYC.

One-Year Membership

If you prefer, $25 will procure a one-year membership, valid through the business cycle (Oct to Sept); $35 for a couple. Annual memberships can be purchased at the Annual Meeting (which is typically the third Saturday in October).

To become a member, send check (payable to WCYC), and appropriate contact information to make you identifiable to:

N3595 Fallhall Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615-6909

(We are in the process of crafting an official Membership form.)