The WCYC Endowment Fund

The Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp Endowment Fund


An endowment is an investment vehicle, whose principle is not to be touched. Interest and dividends from an endowment can be employed to assist the organization in meeting its operational expenses. An endowment fund is an excellent way to establish and ensure a funding stream for the future.

In 1993, the WCYC Board of Directors established the WCYC Endowment Fund. The decision was made to grow the fund to $250,000 before taking out any interests or dividends. Until that threshold is attained, all distributions would be rolled back into the fund, for continued and additional growth.

As of April 2014, the WCYC Endowment Fund has grown to approximately $145,000.

To Donate

To contribute to this fund, send a check to our Treasurer (listed on the home Give page). Make your check payable to WCYC, and place the words “endowment fund” in the memo line.

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