WCYC’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can attend the Summer Youth Camp sessions?

Anyone! If you are from 9- to 18-years of age, you are welcome to register for the age-appropriate camp session. We have no litmus-test for attendance… no creeds, no certifications. We only ask that when you come, you understand that we are a Christian organization, and we intend to investigate and champion what that means in our lives. (Of course, submission of your application implies acceptance of our Camper Standards Policies.)

What does a typical day at a WCYC Bible camp look like?

Although each session at camp is geared for a different age, and is administered by a different camp director and staff… there does tend to be a pretty standard structure that applies to most sessions. Click here for a general outline of an average day at a WCYC summer Bible camp.

What should I bring to camp?

Excellent question! While we pride ourselves in providing a wonderfully supplied camping experience, we can’t do your laundry, or brush your teeth. So, click here for a list of what to bring… and what NOT to bring… to your camp session.

Can campers receive mail during their camp session?

Yes! By all means! All mail — letters, cards, packages — can be sent to this address, to the attention of your child.

N3595 Fallhall Road
Black River Falls, WI  54615-6909

However, please, ensure that the contents of all care packages adhere to our WCYC Camp Rules & Policies regarding personal possessions at camp (including food items).

Also, we have established a new email account: [email protected]

Just include your camper’s name in the Subject line, and we’ll print out these email messages every morning, and distribute the message to the camper during the lunch hour. To ensure they get the message at lunch, please, send the message by 9:30a.

How do I get to WCYC?

Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp is located on a 400-acre piece of property called Fallhall Glen. We are positioned in middle-western Wisconsin. For a map, please, go to our Contact page.

When driving here, be warned: It can be tricky finding the entry to camp because it is so heavily enshrouded in natural woodlands. (Remember, that’s a good thing.)

Start by finding State Road 27, in west-central Wisconsin. If you’re coming East, from I-90, you’ll get off at Tomah; if coming from I-94, you can get off at either Black River Falls, or Millston. (If you get off at Millston, you’ll need to go east on County Road O for approx 9 miles.)

The camp entrance is on Fall Hall Road. This road intersects with SR 27 at two separate points. The main camp entrance is on the west side of Fall Hall Road, about half-way between the north and south intersections with SR 27.

The main entrance to the camp is pictured below. Look for an open space, across the street, large enough for a volleyball court.

2013 10 - October 022 - reduced

If you get lost, you can always try the front-office phone number: 715-284-0049


How do you handle home-sickness?

Home-sickness is quite common — especially for the younger campers. New friends, new daily routine, new sleeping arrangements, new food… the whole experience can be overwhelming.

We are very aware of and sensitive to this challenge. We want all campers to have an exceptional experience at camp. With appropriate encouragement and distraction, young campers usually overcome the feelings in the first day or two.

If there are concerns along these lines, we encourage parents to talk with the Director of their camp session. If homesick feelings linger, the Director may give parents a call or email just to touch base about how things are going. We have countless stories of campers who are homesick at first, but then settle into camp life and end up loving it, hoping to come back the following year.

How can WCYC be so affordable?

Compared to many comparable summer camps in the region, WCYC leads the pack in affordability. We’ve had parents of campers remark that, when you consider the voracious appetites of many youngsters, it may actually be cheaper to send their children to camp than to have them at eat at home for two weeks!

Our affordable rates can be largely credited to our amazing community of God-loving volunteers. Each camp session is staffed entirely by volunteers. Adults of all ages donate entire weeks (sometimes TWO weeks!) of their time to be on the grounds during these camp sessions.

These volunteers plan and prepare the meals, clean the kitchen, organize the craft projects and sporting activities, provide health & safety oversight, staff the camper sleeping cabins, and prepare and deliver the life-enriching Bible studies and specialty classes throughout the week. And, all of these things are orchestrated by the Camp Session Directors — who are also volunteers who work directly with the WCYC Board of Directors (who are also volunteers!).

It truly is an amazing thing to behold.

(If you would like to join our volunteer community, please, click here. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.)

So, this is a “Bible Camp”. Just how “Christian” are you?

That is an interesting question. The answer would have to be, “That depends. What is your threshold and comfort level?”

We don’t wear robes, and we seldom actually thump our Bibles. Neither are we ashamed of our God, and Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe that we are all broken, sinful people, with only one hope of, not only spiritual salvation, but of living a full and meaningful life on this earth: That hope is the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ.

It is in the grace and love of that Truth that we plan, administer and execute all of our camp activities. In this way, we hope to encourage all people, of all ages, to a deeper, more honest and complete relationship with The Savior.

However, we understand that ones spiritual journey is very personal, and, in most cases, unpredictable. Our goal is to guide, educate, and empower the campers (and staffers) to make wise spiritual choices throughout life. We never force, coerce or manipulate children into making any particular declaration of faith.

Click here for a brief explanation of what we believe and teach.

If you have any questions or concerns along these lines, please, contact us at [email protected], or contact the Director for your camp session (found here).

How can I help keep WCYC awesome!?

God has designed people for action. Giving to causes greater than ourselves provides a spiritual satisfaction that cannot be imitated.

Which is rather convenient, because — as with any all-volunteer organization — WCYC is only as good as the support it receives. We have an endless need for volunteers who are willing to serve in a variety of ways:

… maybe you want to donate a week of your time to help at a camp session.

… maybe you have some money you would like to contribute to a worthy cause that touches the lives of hundreds of children.

… maybe you want to come to camp during one of our seasonal Work Days, and lift and haul and sweat and get your hands dirty.

Whatever the situation, we want to help you find a way to plug in, and join the cause.

For more information on how to help keep WCYC awesome, click here.