Camp Rules – Food

WCYC Camp Rules Regarding Food

Family members often want to send care packages to their campers. Sometimes, they want to include food in the package.

Prepackaged foods (candies, chips, granola bars, etc.), made by a reputable manufacturer, can be received by campers in their care packages. And, campers can share these prepackaged food with other campers and staff.

Unfortunately, state law prohibits the sharing of homemade food between campers. If a camper receives homemade food, they can consume the items during lunch, (when the care packages are distributed) or the camper can place the item in “canteen”. This allows the camper to eat the homemade food(s) during the daily break period in the afternoon.

WCYC discourages any food (prepackaged or homemade) being stored in the cabins. (Food in the cabins invite rodents, insects and other undesirables.) However, camp directors and individual cabin counselors are given leeway to exercise their own judgment in the application of this guideline.

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