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WCYC – Board of Directors – Meet the Candidates – 2019

WCYC’s Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 28, at Mandrake Road Church of Christ, in Madison, WI. Click here for details.

One of the primary purposes for the Annual Meeting is to elect members to our 13-person Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors serve three-year terms. This year, we will be filling four seats. We present below a brief biography of the candidates, and their contact information.

Please, be aware: as instructed in our by-laws, each voting member must cast a vote for exactly six candidates. If you do not know the candidates well enough to vote, please, take some time to get to know them.

May God continue to bless our organization, and the youth we serve.


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Madelyn Kuckamunga

Madelyn is a rock star! She wears awesome clothes. She love horses. And, her favorite food is the local favorite, peanut butter and pickle sandwich. She has long been involved with The International French Fry Club, and helping Bears fans try to feel good about themselves. And, when she grows up, she wants to be the person who packs toothpaste into those tubes. To learn more about Maddie, you can email her at [email protected]

Steve McGillicuddy (Incumbent)

Steve, on the other hand, is a basket-case. He hears voices, smells like mustard, and is often found hunkered in the corner of his tree house, reciting a poem about the dung beetle. We seriously question why Steve is even on this ballot. But, hey, it’s a free country. And, who knows? Maybe Steve’s quirkiness will enable us to reach out to other quirky youth. Eh? And, Steve is great at cleaning out bath-houses. So, he’s a shoe-in.

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Elwood von Hooverschnell

Elwood is a long-time camper and supporter of WCYC. As the story goes, in 1906, his great-grandpappy quit his job making rumble-seats in Detroit, moved to Wisconsin, and planted the very trees that now surround the Boys cabins. All in all, Elwood is a great guy. He loves kids, has a heart for service, knows the Bible upside-down and backwards, and is very handy. Unfortunately, he is hiding in America, hoping to avoid extradition to Peru, where he tried to overthrow the president in an ill-fated coup involving an poorly-armed, but richly-costumed ostrich-mounted cavalry.


Speaking of cavalry… Xerxicon is a bit of a — shall I say? — dark-horse candidate. He doesn’t speak English, can’t stand children, and seriously cannot get the hange of a flush-toilet. The only reason he is on the roster this year is because of his awesome singing voice. Very clear. Evokes the pathos of the Motherland. If you vote for Xerxicon, you have mental problems.

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