How can WCYC be so affordable?

Compared to many comparable summer camps in the region, WCYC leads the pack in affordability. We’ve had parents of campers remark that, when you consider the voracious appetites of many youngsters, it may actually be cheaper to send their children to camp than to have them at eat at home for two weeks!

Our affordable rates can be largely credited to our amazing community of God-loving volunteers. Each camp session is staffed entirely by volunteers. Adults of all ages donate entire weeks (sometimes TWO weeks!) of their time to be on the grounds during these camp sessions.

These volunteers plan and prepare the meals, clean the kitchen, organize the craft projects and sporting activities, provide health & safety oversight, staff the camper sleeping cabins, and prepare and deliver the life-enriching Bible studies and specialty classes throughout the week. And, all of these things are orchestrated by the Camp Session Directors — who are also volunteers who work directly with the WCYC Board of Directors (who are also volunteers!).

It truly is an amazing thing to behold.

(If you would like to join our volunteer community, please, click here. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.)

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