Introducing our new Operations Manager

Introducing WCYC’s New Operations Manager

To all campers, parents, and friends of WCYC:

We are excited to introduce our new Operations Manager, Patrick Crowe!

Patrick will be starting his new position with camp during this winter off-season, preparing to hit the ground running in the Spring, to ensure the grounds and facilities are ready for Summer Camp 2019.

Patrick is a professional carpenter, framer and site manager. He has worked on both residential and large-facility locations. He also has experience with most aspects of a construction site, including plumbing, electrical, concrete, foundation and the use of heavy machinery. All of this skill and knowledge will be invaluable as he helps WCYC keep its 20+ buildings, and 450 acres clean, operational and safe.

Patrick is married to Kailey (formerly Betts). These two are wonderful, dedicated, serious-yet-fun people, who are eager to bring their talents, and their love for Jesus into this new responsibility.

The two actually met through camp. They were both campers in their youth. Before he was old enough to be a camper, Patrick accompanied his mom, who had volunteered for several years as a nurse. Kailey and her family have been deeply involved with camp for several years. Kailey’s mother, Adrienne Betts, currently serves as WCYC’s Kitchen Manager. (And she is wonderful!) And, Kailey’s father, Bill Betts, is a general contractor, and has been indispensable this past summer and fall helping WCYC through the last summer session, and preparing camp for the winter.

After getting married in April of 2017, Patrick and Kailey moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There, as a new young couple, they were heavily involved in their local congregation. One of their favorite ministries was serving as joint leaders of the youth group.

For both of them, WCYC served as an integral foundation for their spiritual awakening and development. The summer camp sessions provided a Godly space… beautiful scenery, Bible studies with peers, mentors, fun & games, devotionals, memories… and life-long friendships. Across several summers, as they transitioned from campers to adults, they both showed their love for camp by severing at multiple camp sessions in several staff and leadership roles.

In other words… Patrick & Kailey know camp. They love camp. WCYC is truly blessed to have such a capable, passionate couple taking on this ministry which we all love so much.

Please, join us in a prayer of thanksgiving, that God has brought these two servant-leaders to us. And, pray for Patrick and Kailey, as they transition their lives over to Black River Falls, and as they begin this new chapter of their marriage, their lives, and their personal spiritual journeys.



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