The Johnsons are moving on…

The Johnsons are moving on:

 In February 2015, Brandt and Jennifer Johnson (and daughter Tatiana and son Benaiah) joined team WCYC. During these three years, Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp has been richly blessed by their service, energy, commitment, creativity and love.
But, as scripture informs us, there is a time and a season for everything. Brandt has accepted a new position as the Maintenance Superintendent at a home for disabled adults and children in Bemidji, Minnesota. His last day with WCYC will be July 16. This new position is a great opportunity for Brandt, and will allow them to be much closer to extended family. Jennifer’s mother was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. So they will be closer to her family through this trying time. It was a difficult decision, but God made it very clear that they should be in Bemidji with their family.
As always happens with this position, the Johnsons’ legacy will live on for years to come at WCYC:
– Brandt and his family created and erected the sign out front of the Great Hall.
– They installed a new roof on the residence’s garage and the Great Hall.
– They fixed the chimney on the Great Hall.
– They installed the new stonework on the front of the fireplace in the Great Hall.
– They put new siding on the bell tower.
– They remodeled the Staff Bathrooms.
– They installed new fountains on the Bath House.
– They installed all our new paper towel dispensers.
In addition to these bigger, high-profile projects, they spent countless hours maintaining walking paths, picking up deadfall, cleaning cabins, repairing benches at fire circles, interfacing with state and county officials, consulting on numerous projects, managing the hunting season property use, clearing snow, repairing drainage structures, installing kitchen equipment, answering phones, contributing to the FB page, and on and on. Such is the role of WCYC’s Operations Manager.
For all of these efforts — big and little — Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp offers the Johnsons our heartfelt “thank you”, and we wish them boundless success and blessings in the next chapters of Life.