WCYC Annual Meeting 2015 – in review

Annual Meeting 2015 – in review

The WCYC Annual Meeting (2015) was held on October 17. It was a beautiful day, and a pleasant gathering of 70 or so WCYC members. Thank you, to the Oakhaven Church (Oshkosh) for hosting.

During the meeting, the members were presented with reports from our four camp session directors, and the chairs of the four primary Board of Directors committees. This has been another active, challenging and rewarding year.

Two new board members were elected, to fill two vacancies. Please, welcome Nate Cleveland and John Beske, and thank them for their willingness to serve. Also, we enjoyed the re-election of four sitting Board members: Gary Byram, Rob Daniel, Jim Coehoorn and Fernando Diaz.

We also voted on a number of proposed amendments to the By-Laws. All proposed amendments were adopted. These amendments included allowing women to now serve on the Board of Directors, allowing Board members to meet via remote tele-conferencing, and giving the Board flexibility on how to conduct future membership-wide votes.

After the Annual Meeting, we took time as a family to collectively recognize and honor the extended (and prolific) family of Gary and Deb Cleveland. WCYC is – and continues to be – blessed by the devoted labor, love and prayers of God-fearing families like the Clevelands. Thank you to this fine family, and to all who make WCYC great.

Clevelands honored

Oakhaven Church took their hosting to another level, after the Annual Meeting, by holding a fund-raising meal, and organizing a number of fund-raising services and products for sale. We raised over $1600 from that one day! What a great group of believers we have here! (If you missed that chance, you can make your tax-free donation to WCYC now! For a mailing address, go here.)

As we roll into the New Year, please, continue to pray that God will bless the hundreds of youth who are touched by WCYC, and deliver the service-minded volunteers to make it happen.

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